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Russell Tovey Has Left Being Human

SFX is reporting that Russell has left the show, because it felt odd to go on without Aidan Turner.

Would have been nice to have him for one more season to help transition the show away from the Aidan years…for the fans…


I am still DEVASTATED about this. :’(

3 Seasons of Being Human (U.K. obviously) is now on Netflix!!!!


OMG, freaking out!


Being Human (UK)’s new vampire.
Still not over:


aidan turner


you, sir, are adorkable and your face should be disallowed.


annie & mitchell


I dislike how people are calling him the ‘new Mitchell’ or ‘Mitchell replacement’ because, y’know, Aidan Turner/Mitchell = irreplaceable.

However, I am looking forward to seeing the new character in series four. And not just because Damien Molony is pretty, pfffft. 

That goes for Andrew Gower too, who I thought was fantastic last year in Frankenstein’s Wedding or whatever the live thingy on BBC3 was called.

Toby Whithouse Teases Being Human Season 4

Toby Whithouse talked to Morgan Jeffery of DigitalSpy:

"There will be lots of new faces, an old face, a genuinely shocking death, a new villain [and] a sort-of new kind of supernatural [creature]."

Toby also has said that Michael Socha and Craig Roberts will be back this series.

Thanks to BeingHuman3 for this :)